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My opera closed on March 03, 2014. Continue for more information on the work of our blogs, forums and social networks. We have updated our forum to a new and shiny look. Join your friends in the discussion. Go to the Forum. on April 8, with a month left tour, Cleland has provided a radio on a nearby Hill station. A helicopter has it and two soldiers on Hill 471 devoid of trees, in Khe Sanh. Cleland knew that some soldiers camping there operation Pegasus. The pilot stated that he had some time to be with friends. When the helicopter landed, Cleland jumped out, followed by two soldiers. She leaned under the rotors and became the first to see. Cleland bent to pick up a grenade, which believes that it has been tested, his bullet-proof vest. It exploded and the explosion will hit back, legs and one arm of crushing. David Lloyd and a marine in a bunker of mortar, which rushed to the scene, taking the legs of strap connected with one of Cleland, golden penny stock Web to control bleeding. When the doctors arrived, Lloyd left one of the two other soldiers wounded - help, which would get a helicopter with Cleland. Lloyd says an unidentified soldier shouted. I was, he said, it was my grenade. She had success in the private sector for the other measures have experienced soldiers when they took the grenades M-26 in the ammo box: bend the pins or tape in place, so that no could replace accidentally not. This soldier had a flak freely, with grenades jacket pins, says Lloyd. It was a death trap on foot. . Due to the severity of his injuries, doctors amputated both legs above the knee and right forearm Cleland. He was 25 years old. Cleland was one of 29 Democrats in the Senate who supported the authorization in the war in Iraq. Later, he said that he had doubts about the position of the Bush administration, but said that the tight Senate, felt the pressure in his career to go with it. In 2005, he said that it is obvious, that when I voted against the resolution, which ended offer enough in the race, would have been a benefit them. He described the worst vote I expressed his vote for the war. . In 2002, Cleland Saxby Chambliss for the seat in the Georgia Senate. Cleland enjoyed a comfortable advance in the polls at the beginning of the race, but the ground lost during the weeks running. In May 2002, Chambliss was Cleland by 22 percentage points. Chambliss Senator Cleland Cleland issued a press release which going agreed termination to their oath to defend the Constitution to eliminate, a change in the Treaty, that the two United Nations would allow people to weapons inspection of Nations terrorist teams of chemical weapons in Iraq. The vote was approved 56-44 majority. Fifty-five other senators of the head of the Republican Committee of the Senate, voted for the change, including the period of the Bill, Chambliss-Cleland noticed. A week before the vote, a poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Cleland ahead by five points, 49-44 showed. On Saturday before the race, which had been reduced to 48-45, the driver was a survey by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, within the poll's error margin. Cleland was originally called the 9/11 Commission, but appeared briefly designated by the directive Board of the Bank of United States import and export. Before the resignation, he said that the Bush administration was delaying tactics and access to important documents and witnesses to the Commission. Key in the widespread criticism of the Government on the opacity of the 9/11, a figure cited in November 2003: i. cannot look any American in the eye, especially the families of the victims, and say that the Commission had full access. This research is now in danger,.